One week old the puppies are still asleep most of the day, mostly cuddled up to each other or Wilma.


Darwin is always easy to spot



but everyone gets loving, whether they are ready for it or asleep 😉

P1090358 P1090357 P1090356

Wilma dutifully lies patiently in the box while the little ones make a run for their lunch. 

P1090351 P1090350 P1090349 P1090348














GRETA is helping Wilma out to make sure the little ones behave. As the only dog who never had puppies she takes a strict disciplinarian approach to education

P1090354 P1090353 P1090369 P1090368














More of the same, same but different

P1090366 P1090367 P1090365 P1090360














MOLLY misses the attention 😦 – time for her belly rubs to console her 😉