Let me tell you the story of our own private CRYING GAME yesterday. There was Wilma, doing her mother thing and we let her be in peace. Last year Wilma needed help by experienced mother MOLLY to show her the ropes in the whelping box. This year Wilma let her sisters and daddies know that she was happy to do it by herself. So we didn’t interact much with the puppies since the birth, and even then just minimal. Look how content Wilma is with her little ones.

THERE IS OUR DARWIN, exploring the box, resting and enduring the handling by his eager ‘granddad’.

P1090230 P1090220










He is just so cute!
P1090236 P1090235








Feisty at the lunch buffet and always exploring some more

P1090220 P1090205





As you can see they stick together and with so many of them, it is easy to get confused….!

P1090215 P1090214


After releasing the names, colours and sexes on the Internet prematurely I had a rude awakening yesterday when….


P1090209 P1090219




I picked up Diesel to get him familiar with human hands and to the feeling of being handled by strangers, when I had the Crying Game in reverse. He sported lady parts where I had expected something else altogether.


After counting and recounting it became clear: There is another girl after all and Diesel needs an urgent re-naming, or she will develop sexual identity issues.


Diesel is now called Diselle! (please apply a generous French accent)






P1090232The last two pictures are of Bollard, opur black boy with the cute white stripes. Until tomorrow, have a great day everyone!