Noah has left our house as Bertie – with one of the loveliest families, looking forward to a great life. Just in time, I was getting rapidly attached to him of late.

With two puppies left and both of them being black future photo shoots may become repetitive and today’s post sees the end of our daily blogging.

I invite you all to our archives and refresh your memory how the little ones looked when they were two three or four weeks old.

Thank you all for sharing the experience with us.


P1060321 P1060322 P1060323 P1060324 P1060325 P1060326 P1060327 P1060328 P1060329 P1060330 P1060331 P1060332 P1060333 P1060334 P1060335 P1060336 P1060337 P1060338 P1060339 P1060340 P1060341 P1060342 P1060343 P1060344