The last days of some of the puppies with us and their mother are here and we have taken so may pictures that the weekend will see a series of extra posts.

Here are our pictures from Wednesday when Gromit and his parents saw the puppies.

Jude and Ianto perform their bottom pinching trick, one that Greta did not like and Sue might not have been that keen either.

P1060153 P1060154 P1060155 P1060157 P1060158 P1060159 P1060161 P1060162 P1060163 P1060164 P1060165 P1060166 P1060167 P1060168 P1060169 P1060170 P1060171 P1060174 P1060175 P1060176 P1060177 P1060178 P1060179 P1060180 P1060181 P1060182 P1060186