A second post today due to the vast amount of pictures.

A big play day with lots of people coming to see the pups and making decisions about which of the adorable wrigglers they want.

The pups are also learning to behave in front of the big ‘uns. Very submissive behaviour except for Jude who bites Greta on the bottom and then runs and cowers behind the flower pot!

P1050614 P1050616 P1050618 P1050619 P1050620 P1050621 P1050622 P1050623 P1050624 P1050625 P1050626 P1050627 P1050629 P1050630 P1050631 P1050632 P1050633 P1050634 P1050635 P1050636 P1050637 P1050638 P1050639 P1050640 P1050641 P1050642 P1050643 P1050645 P1050646 P1050647 P1050648 P1050649 P1050650 P1050651 P1050652 P1050653 P1050654 P1050655