We tried to get good individual shots today for the sales website where we advertise the few that have not yet a specific home.

How can you possibly resist those cuties? We want to keep all of them ourselves, really.

Have a great weeekend!

P1050162 P1050163 P1050164 P1050165 P1050167 P1050168 P1050170 P1050173 P1050174 P1050175 P1050176 P1050178 P1050186 P1050187 P1050188 P1050189 P1050191 P1050193 P1050196 P1050197 P1050198 P1050201 P1050202 P1050204 P1050210 P1050211 P1050212 P1050213 P1050214 P1050215 P1050216 P1050217 P1050218