As you can see the little ones have grown bigger and are now trying to expand their little space any which way they can.

Ianto and Wilma even have advertised on the Internet for a bigger place but so far have not found any affordable accommodation that lets them sleep and rest as much as they like and yet allows them enough money to pay the enormous food bills.

I tried to move in with them but I had my ears chewed off for it.

So we have let them out on to the patio and we have the first pictures of how the Puppies got on, and how our plants out there are in for a rough time 😉

P1040923 P1040928 P1040929 P1040930 P1040932 P1040933 P1040937 P1040938 P1040941 P1040942 P1040943 P1040944 P1040945 P1040946 P1040949 P1040950 P1040952 P1040953 P1040954 P1040955 P1040956 P1040957 P1040965 P1040968 P1040969 P1040973 P1040974 P1040975 P1040976 P1040978 P1040979 P1040980 P1040981 P1040982 P1040984 P1040986 P1040989 P1040994 P1040996 P1040997