Wilma finally had enough with feeding the little ones, biting and scratching.

So it is up to us now to feed them.

Also, we extended the den with a cage, giving the more space and hoping they will learn to ‘go’ in the right places and eat and sleep somewhere else. Some of them got it in one, others – who shall remain unnamed – have more difficulties with the concept.

P1040436 P1040438 P1040439 P1040440 P1040441 P1040442 P1040443 P1040446 P1040447 P1040448 P1040449 P1040453 P1040454 P1040455 P1040456 P1040459 P1040460 P1040461 P1040462 P1040463 P1040464 P1040465 P1040467 P1040469 P1040470 P1040471 P1040472 P1040473 P1040474 P1040475 P1040476 P1040477 P1040478 P1040479 P1040480 P1040481 P1040482 P1040483 P1040484 P1040485 P1040486 P1040487 P1040489 P1040490 P1040491 P1040492 P1040493 P1040494 P1040495 P1040496 P1040497 P1040498 P1040499 P1040500 P1040501 P1040502 P1040503 P1040504