Security has almost been breached – the puppies will soon be big enough to escape their whelping box.

You can see Ianto beneath in the box where we keep the puppies when changing their bedding, but the days for doing this are numbered, too, as you can see.

We introduced the first toys but only Moses as taken to them properly yet.

We had to upgrade the website yesterday to load more pictures on and so today we have a few from the day before as well.


P1040159 P1040160 P1040161 P1040162 P1040163 P1040164 P1040165 P1040166 P1040167 P1040168 P1040169 P1040170 P1040171 P1040172 P1040173 P1040174 P1040175 P1040176 P1040177 P1040178 P1040179 P1040180 P1040181 P1040182 P1040183 P1040184 P1040185 P1040187 P1040188

P1040138 P1040139 P1040140 P1040141 P1040142 P1040143 P1040144 P1040145 P1040146 P1040147 P1040148 P1040149 P1040150 P1040151 P1040152 P1040153 P1040154 P1040155 P1040156 P1040157 P1040158