Ianto is the first to have opened his eyes. Unfortunately this means we have to be very careful when taking pictures as we don’t want to shock our little ones with extensive flashlights.

So today we feature a few more of the grown up dogs, whose behaviour often resembles that of the puppies anyway, and only sleeping puppy pictures since we spotted the opening eyes.


P1030792 P1030793 P1030794 P1030795 P1030797 P1030798 P1030799 P1030800 P1030801 P1030802 P1030803 P1030804 P1030805 P1030807 P1030808 P1030810 P1030811 P1030812 P1030813 P1030814 P1030815 P1030816 P1030817 P1030818 P1030819 P1030820 P1030823