Here are today’s treats – a lot of individual shots since the little ones are big enough to show great facial features now. The eyes must open any day now. In some of Jude’s pictures I was sure there was already some break through in the closed eye lids.


P1030752 P1030755 P1030757 P1030758 P1030761 P1030762 P1030763 P1030764 P1030766 P1030767 P1030768 P1030769 P1030770 P1030774 P1030775 P1030776 P1030778 P1030780 P1030781 P1030782 P1030783 P1030784 P1030785 P1030786 P1030787 P1030788 P1030789 P1030790 P1030791