It has been a busy day with visitors. Wilma is learning that it is no threat to her little ones and amongst the many pictures beneath are great individual shots of Kiki and Moses and lots of Rugby style piles of puppies and cuddling.

The eyes are bound to open any day but already the faces are more expressive and cuter than ever.

P1030693 P1030694 P1030697 P1030698 P1030700 P1030701 P1030706 P1030707 P1030708 P1030710 P1030712 P1030713 P1030714 P1030715 P1030716 P1030717 P1030720 P1030724 P1030725 P1030726 P1030727 P1030728 P1030730 P1030733 P1030734 P1030735 P1030736 P1030737 P1030738 P1030740 P1030741 P1030743 P1030745 P1030746 P1030747 P1030748 P1030749 P1030751