After yesterday’s post today has to be a disappointment – taken by our own camera, but it is hard to keep our eyes of the puppies and the finger of the camera trigger.

The little ones cuddle up in little groups or in one big pile, it is just like a game of musical chairs. Only a few more days before they will open their eyes – we cannot wait.

Mildred tends to join ‘white boys’ Ianto and Jude a lot, a particularly string bond with Ianto, but he also likes to tea up with striped Kiki – unless we weigh him to make sure his weight development is normal. He seems to have recovered well from the rip issue. Fingers crossed.

Noah and Moses may be feeling the biblical connection and tend to stick together a lot.

Blissful the days where they still sleep so much. Soon they will not be content with lack of entertainment and demand a bit more action and attention from us and the big dogs.

Until tomorrow!

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