The first great close-ups of our gorgeous litter, thanks to an amazing camera lens courtesy of Gromit’s parents! There are also two pictures of Gromit in the mix.

Wilma was very concerned when we took up some of the puppies at first but she has finally understood that nobody means her little ones harm and she now lets us handle and stroke them without panicking.

She is a young mother and it is heart-warming to see her so caring and committed. We remember well how Molly loved her long breaks from motherhood and often only went into the box to feed them when they cried. Wilma stays with them most of the day. So young and so responsible. Mind you, Molly is in the box with her as often as she can.

We love having six so different characters, and not just in colour. We hope Gromit’s parents are coming to visit again soon so we can show off more up-to-date close-ups.

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