Saturday morning at 3am Wilma woke me up to go outside in to the garden. Afterwards she wanted to chase the ball and it was quite clear that she would not take no for an answer.

Wilma left the golf course without complaints and rushed back to look after her litter. As you can see they have grown already and are also distinguishable in their character, some more forceful, others a little quieter.

White boys Jude and Ianto stick together but said they are no racists because their Dad was black. Mildred loves Moses, there are a few pictures where the two of them hug each other and even do a little head to toe sleepover under Wilma’s tail.

Molly still spends lots of time in the whelping box with Wilma and whenever Wilma leaves the den.

We cannot wait for their eyes to open and see the miracles that life has in store for them, most particularly their mother’s happy glow when she feeds the puppies.

Today Gromit’s parents came to see the litter and were very pleased. The new owners of one of the girls were also there to say hello. They already own Wilma’s sister Lucy and would like to have a relative rather than a stranger in the house.

With so much loveliness in the house it is hard to get anything done.

Love from 36 paws and 4 legs

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