You will all pleased to hear that Ianto seems to have pulled through, he looks as bonny and healthy as the rest of the bunch and cuddles up and feeds as if his rib had never had any trouble at all.

Wilma has joined me on my early morning walks on the nearby golf course and then spends the rest of her day with the puppies in the whelping box.

Gromit (dad of the litter) has sent his owner round to have a look and take pictures of his offspring. What a proud Dad he must be.

The puppies are growing bigger with every day and we can’t wait for them to open their eyes and see what the world has got in store for them.

We get little done, it is impossible not to stare at the little ones and the hours just slip through our fingers.

As dog owners the most warming aspect is to see the ‘pack’ pulling together so harmoniously.

I secretly hope we can’t sell any of them and have to keep the lot.

A happy weekend from

Wilma, Greta, Molly and the little ones

Mildred, Noah, Kiki, Ianto, Jude and Moses


P1030383 P1030384 P1030385 P1030386 P1030387

Kiki, with her  rare black and white coatP1030388

Ianto and Jude

P1030389 P1030390 P1030391

Dog Yoga Molly style

P1030392 P1030393 P1030394 P1030395 P1030396

Can’t be good for Ianto’s back: from left: Moses, Noah, Mildred, Jude and Kiki resting on poor Ianto

P1030397 P1030398