Good morning and welcome back to the Labradoodle litter.

All of our puppies are well this morning and are continuously looked after by their mother. Molly, the experienced mother of 21, is sleeping in the whelping box as well to keep the young mother Wilma company. Only at feeding time she rushes away – so as not to be confused by the puppies for a milk machine.

Ianto seems to be doing well and Wilma had her first outing to the golf course this morning, chasing a tennis ball – her favourite pastime. Now she is truly as happy as she ever could be.

Our girls are enjoying the extended menu that the kitchen staff are putting on for them, with special treats such as tuna and scrambled eggs. Greta decided to forego the regular kibble and just wait for the good bits. As they did not materialise before she got hungry she tried to steal from her sisters and was in the dog house for a little. Now she is licking the puppies clean – to make amends for her sins.

Here are yesterday’s pictures. Enjoy!



P1030351 P1030352 P1030354 P1030355 P1030358 P1030359 P1030360 P1030361 P1030363 P1030364 P1030366 P1030368 P1030369 P1030370 P1030377 P1030379 P1030380 P1030381 P1030382