What a night it has been for our Wilma, the brave young mother. Two puppies came out no problems at all

Mildred is huge and chocolate brown and made Noah pale in comparison. Both seemed black but turned out brown Noah more curly than Mildred and both were braving the whelping box on their own and got lost in the corners and under the vet beds.

Kiki made us wait and worry, her arrival was late and dramatic – hence the name worthy of a stage star. With her white stripe from nose to belly button, she is awesome and we urge her new owners not to name her Pippa! 😉

Ianto the white boy has a health issue, Greta picked him up and accidentally broke a rib. NOthing that can be done but he is feeding and is strong and has a good chance for survival, bring on Doctor Who and Torchwood magic to save him!

Fox coloured Jude (boy) is a beauty and seemed to be the last, Wilma started to feed the litter before we realised this was not over. I was pleased because I had not seen the final placenta.

Moses came almost as an after thought interrupting his siblings first dinner – Jude was confused, he thought it was the last supper. So much he doesn’t understand yet.

Wilma chose our bed to rest and then to give birth in. If she had to wet the bed unmentionable bodily fluids,  it would have to be my side, clever girl.

Unlike Molly did with her litters, Wilma never left her little ones until late this morning when I took her out for some ball chasing. She is only just over 2 years and often behaves like a puppy herself, but she is a great teenage mom. She was always very loving and now does so with her own.

The vet confirmed that Mother is fine. Congratulations Wilma and watch this space for more news and pictures


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